Reflections on Aging: An Artist’s Perspective

August 7, 2013 | Found In:  Aging

aging_selfCountless studies have shown that there is a marked decrease in the number of times that we look at ourselves in the mirror as we age. A friend aptly summarized the reasons for this decline at a recent lunch as she announced, “I have an idea of what age I am based on the things I do, the way I feel…but when I look in the mirror, sometimes I just find myself surprised at the reflection looking back at me!” I’m sure that these feelings resonate with many of us; while there are no doubt benefits that we can attribute to increasing age, the physical changes that come with each year that passes can take even the most confident among us by surprise. The discrepancy between how one feels and how one looks is an ever-common theme in discussions around aging.

Artist Tom Hussey has captured this sentiment in a series of photographs entitled  “Reflections”, wherein he portrays a wide spectrum of aging men and women staring at their younger selves in mirrors. The expressions of the more mature selves are especially captivating, as they convey the complicated richness around recognizing and accepting the physical changes of aging.

The reaction from men and women of all ages to this series of photographs has been quite fascinating. An especially poignant comment came from one woman in her 90s who proudly wrote, “I was beautiful in my 20s, but I’m beautiful today, in a different way, one that my children and grandchildren and friends can appreciate. Each wrinkle or spot tells a story, and mine is a story I’m proud of. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Visit for more information about the artist and his series, Reflections.

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