Creating Moments of Joy: An Interview with Jolene Brackey
Guest Post by:

Jolene Brackey
Coping with Alzheimer’s disease is difficult for both the person affected as well as his or her loved ones. Jolene Brackey, author of Creating Moments of Joy and founder of Enhanced Moments, works to help families and senior care professionals handle the changes that Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia bring.
The Wall Street Journal Dispels the Aging Myth: Reframing What It Means to Age
The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted the negative myths about aging that many of us not only frequently hear, but may actually believe. Take this little quiz to see what we mean. You can probably guess where we are heading with this—all of the statements are false but are pervasively touted as true. Aging has been caricatured as a time of increasing loneliness, and decreasing productivity, cognitive health and vitality.
Healthy Eats for Seniors Series: Indian Cauliflower “Sabji” with Peas and Carrots
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Anjali Shah
My dad is an amazing cook. When I lived in the Bay Area, my husband and I used to go to my dad’s for dinner every week - mainly because it's fun to hang out with my dad, but also because I got to eat his gourmet meals. The thing with Indian cooking is it can go one of two ways:
1) Really tasty, but super oily and full of fat (curries are made with butter, ghee, oil, cream, etc.)
2) Really tasty with inventive ingredients and spices substituted for the oil – making it healthy and flavorful