5 Gadgets That Support Healthy, Happy Aging

July 26, 2013 | Found In:  Aging


  1. 5star Urgent Response: This tiny device can easily fit in your pocket, on your belt loop or on a keychain ring so that you always have peace of mind. With the push of a button you will be connected to one of the company’s expertly trained agents (National Academies of Emergency Dispatch-certified) who can conference in family or friends, connect you with a registered nurse or dial 9-1-1 for you 24/7. You can also connect directly to 9-1-1. The device includes a GPS tracker so that the location of the user (or of the device if it has been lost) can be pinpointed to best address the need. The device itself costs $49.99 and the monthly fee is $14.99.
  2. GPS Shoes: The Aetrex Navistar GPS shoes have GPS tracking technology embedded in the right heel of each pair of shoes that sends an alert via text or email to loved ones or caregivers if the monitored senior goes beyond a designated area. The price tag for these shoes is relatively high, starting at $299.99 with two tracking plan options for an additional monthly fee, but for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia who frequently wander, these shoes can prove to be an invaluable investment.
  3. Sound-Enhancing “TV Ears”: TV Ears is a wireless headset that simultaneously reduces background sounds and amplifies TV dialogue. Best of all: the sound automatically turns down when a commercial comes on. TV ears can be worn with or without hearing aids, if applicable. Headsets start at $129.95.
  4. Presto Computer-less Email. Presto allows you to send emails to people who don’t use a computer. The device automatically transforms email messages into printable, easy-to-read e-letters, complete with any attachments (such as photos) that were included in the email. All the recipient has to do is pick up the printed messages from the printer tray. The Presto Printer starts at $99.99 with mail service starting at $15.80 per month.
  5. Home Heart Check: This device provides accurate heart rate and ECG readings, with capabilities to print and/or email results to your physician. The FDA-cleared device is tiny enough to be portable and provides a reading in less than one minute. It is especially recommended for those with heart issues. Device retails for around $279.00. Available in the US.

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